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With Backapp chair you exercise your core muscles and improve your posture while sitting


Sitting in the Backapp chair helps you sit more upright with less effort, burn more energy, and exercise core muscles in your lower back and neck. The tilted sitting position and gentle motion ensure a wonderful sitting experience. For use with height adjustable desk surfaces only.

  • Uses patented Backapp technology
  • A comfortable 360 degree tilting movement is achieved by the body balancing on a centrally positioned “Magic Ball”
  • The tilting movement of the chair is easily adjustable by turning the Magic Ball up or down
  • Your feet rest on a footplate padded with a soft damping cushion
  • Adjustable height lifter raises and lowers the seat from 26.2″ to 35.1″ making it comfortable for people of all heights
  • The base frame is made from 99.9% recycled aluminum with a silver grey finish
  • See the Backapp video, click here
  • For more product details read the Backapp brochure, click here
  • To view seat fabrics and color choices, click here
  • Get fit with Backapp – balancing made easy

Backapp wheel base is an optional accessory to easily glide your chair across the floor.

Backapp chair is a natural part of the modern office environment and the variation of sitting on Backapp chair and standing on Backapp 360 balance board provides the best conditions for promoting good health even in a hectic work environment.

Please note Backapp products are designed to be used only for height adjustable desks or desk risers, and not for standard desk heights (29″ to 30″ surface height).


1 review for Backapp Chair

  1. aps

    Had been looking for a desk chair to encourage good posture, and I found it! The Back App Chair was simple to order on line and arrived at my front door in 4 days. It is easy to adjust, space-saving, and feels like it is built to last. Highly recommend.

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