Backapp 360 Balance Board


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Subtle training while standing at work

On the Backapp 360 balance board you stand and balance comfortably with gentle tilting in all directions. This provides subtle training to the muscles and joints especially in the ankle, leg, knee and hip, producing mild training all the way up the back. Backapp 360 also stimulates circulation in the legs, especially the calves.

  • When balancing on Backapp 360 you tilt in all directions
  • By turning the red “Magic Ball” in either direction you easily adjust the amount of tilt movement
  • The soft ring-shaped damping device makes the tilting experience comfortable for all users
  • Patented technology helps exercise joints and muscles of the ankles, legs, knees and hips while improving blood circulation
  • Available in dark grey

Backapp 360 is a natural part of the modern office environment and the variation of sitting on Backapp chair and standing on the Backapp 360 balance board provides the best conditions for promoting good health even in a hectic working environment.

Please note Backapp products are designed to be used only for adjustable height desks or desk risers, and not for standard desk heights (29″ to 30″ surface height).


Product Dimensions 14-2/16"L x 20"W x 2"H

30 reviews for Backapp 360 Balance Board

  1. Gail

    I absolutely love my Back App Balance Board. It makes standing at my desk even more enjoyable and fun, and I feel more productive. I love that it allows you to set the amount of balancing that you want because the longer I use it, the more comfortable I am with balancing more and really working my core. It’s such a great product!

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