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The Superstar Appliance Lift mounts inside a base cabinet and allows a shelf (not included) to be raised to countertop level or below a drawer.

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Make retrieving your small kitchen appliances easier by using the SuperStar Appliance Lift. It’s a great way to put your storage space to work while saving valuable countertop space. The Superstar Appliance Lift mounts inside a base cabinet to the side walls and allows a shelf (not included) to be raised to countertop level or below a drawer. Heavy appliances can be easily retrieved, aided by the unit’s heavy-duty spring action. Two locking catches secure the shelf while extended. When finished, lift up on the shelf to release the locks and ease the appliance lift back into the cabinet.

    • Mounts to side walls within base cabinet
    • Shelf can achieve counter top level only when there is no drawer above the cabinet where the lift is installed
    • Minimum inside cabinet dimensions required: depth 15″, width 13″, height 20″
    • Weight capacity: 45 lbs. Material: steel
    • Easily add your own shelf based on the width of your cabinet
    • Installation screws not included due to variations in cabinet wall thickness and material. Recommended screw size is 1/8 inch diameter.
    • Special construction needed for face frame cabinets



4 reviews for Kitchen Appliance Lift, White

  1. Rose (verified owner)

    This is the only product of this type that I could use with my particular cabinet (because there is a drawer above it and I did not want to remove the drawer, get new full-size doors, etc.) The unit is heavy and sturdy, and seems well made.
    Installation was accomplished by my husband, who is quite handy, and me; it went reasonably well until we got to the springs installation. Not even my weight-lifter husband could wrestle them into place, using the included tool and following the instructions provided! He finally made a large loop with stainless steel wire, and used that to pull on the spring so that I was able to slide it onto the front post. Not an easy task, but we got it done, and I am very pleased with the lift. It’s much better than lifting the mixer up to the counter top each time I want to use it, and better than leaving it out on the counter top!

  2. Cathie

    I think I use my mixer more now than when it was always in my way taking up space on my counter.

  3. Mullet Cabinet (verified owner)

    We use this for all of our installs for appliance lifts.

  4. Sam Kumar

    Kudos to the company for keeping a very realistic review even though it is not all positive.

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